Hi there.

I am Kakofonous A. Dischord (a.k.a. EVoL_InTheory, Evoline Theory).

You can find my music on YouTube, my old pseudo-label, and my Bandcamp.

I have been making visuals to go alongside my music. You can find those at the above YouTube.

I have been featured on many compilations and labels including: Big Pharma Records, Pinkamena Party, Vapour City DA, Lost Angles, NOISE , Harsh Neighs , the Mixit Challenge and a bunch more.

This Spreadsheet has all my releases listed in one convenient space!


I run the My Little Pony themed experimental music label noise.horse.

You can download my games on Itch.io!

I do some speedrunning sometimes: Speedrun.com.

I also run the currently on hiatus zine called Neverending Theories, the namesake of this website. I plan to start that back up at some point, but I currently am focusing on noise.horse.

I am relatively active on Twitter.

I am relatively active on Discord: KakofonousADischord#1312, so feel free to contact me there

email me at evol(at)neverendingtheories(dot)com

I tumblr quite a bit. Follow me here: kakofono.us

or check out my aesthetic blog pseudoviolence.org.

Welp, I hope you like what you see/hear and that you hang about to see what else I do. Lemme know what you like!

Kako ~♥